ACYGS, the official distributor of IVM, introduces the new portable weighing system for railway vehicles, also known as POWERVE®.

This equipment statically performs the measurement of the vertical force distribution on wheels and wheelsets.

Its excellent measurement performance, portability and ease of use make it an ideal tool to verify that all parameters related to rolling stock balance comply with the optimal operating limits.

This system has been continuously improving over the years, achieving high performance compared to high-precision static fixed weighing systems.

POWERVE® transforms any rail into a measuring station with very high accuracy and exactness characteristics and enables quick and easy weighing.

POWERVE® is an ITALCERTIFER certified weighing equipment (ref. of the evaluation report: ITCFC-19222-11-ATF-RA-00011), according to the following standards:

UNE- EN 15654-2:2020, “Railway applications. Measurement of the vertical force distribution on wheels and wheelsets. Part 2: Test in workshop for new, modified and maintained vehicles”.

UNE EN 50215:2011(only for the weighing of rolling stock and the vertical force exerted by each wheel on the track)

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