Engineering Service for FMB

Drafting and Improving the Maintenance Technical Instructions

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All the workshops of the operator


Barcelona, Spain


Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona (FMB)


Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona (FMB)

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Railway Engineering

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Project Description

ACYGS has been awarded the contract of the technical assistance tender to give support to the rolling stock maintenance service for Ferrocarril Metropolitano de Barcelona by drafting and improving the maintenance working instructions.

Preventive maintenance activities for the Rolling Stock Service are currently carried out through the procedures stated in the working instructions. These instructions are drawn up from the technical documentation of the train manufacturer and its Maintenance Plan and are improved from the experience and performance of the equipment throughout its life. These instructions are intended to be easy to understand and with a strong visual appeal.

The activities to be carried out during the technical assistance include the improvement of existing working instructions, the drafting of new preventive maintenance instructions, and the drafting of corrective maintenance instructions. These tasks will be accomplished both in the office and in the workshops, witnessing the performance of the maintenance to document these operations.