FGC Rubí

Expansion of the Rubí Operational Center

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Centro Operativo de Rubí (COR)


Rubí, Spain





Project Type

Railway Engineering

Starting Date


Project Description

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya has decided to expand its Rubí Operational Center (COR), which is the central depot for all its rolling stock. The expansion of their facilities will allow the number of elevated maintenance tracks to double, thus increasing the capacity of the depot.

ACYGS has provided FGC with its engineering services during the pre-expansion phase of the depot. During the project, data collection and measurements have been carried out on site to update the plant layout, relocating the depot equipment and optimizing the work-flows of the different maintenance sections. ACYGS has also analyzed the depot maintenance needs to define the new equipment required and to prepare the Technical Specifications of the defined equipment.

After the enlargement of their depot, FGC has once again entrusted ACYGS execute the definitive updating and adaptation of the workshop drawing, in accordance with the construction works carried out. ACYGS’s engineers went to FGC’s facilities in Rubí to make measurements and collect data, to subsequently define the final layout.