Thessaloniki Metro

Thessaloniki Metro Project – Pylaia Depot

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Pylaia Depot


Thessaloniki, Greece


Hitachi rail sTS


Attiko Metro

Project Type

Depot Turn-Key Project

Starting Date


Project Description

This contract is part of the project for the construction of the driverless metro in Thessaloniki, capital of the province of Macedonia and the second most important city in Greece in terms of population and economy.

ACYGS is responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of three packages of machinery equipment for the Pylaia depot, which includes the new operations center for the entire city’s metro network. In 2020, the supply of all project equipment was completed, and it is currently in the installation phase.

The first equipment package consists of five different types of platform ladders, both fixed and mobile. The second, is a complete package of welding equipment. The latest package includes the entire depot tooling, including CNC lathes, machining centre, drills and presses, among others.