The machine consists of an electrically welded steel structure. At each end of the machine, the following parts are mounted: shock absorbers, coupling hook, screw coupling, front valves, and half-couplers. It has traction axles with reduction gear and disconnection device, with monoblock wheels and rubber suspension. It also has a lifting and shifting unit with lateral movement.

The Diesel motor that is fitted is app. 500 HP which has hydrostatic transmission acting on two axles. The direct and indirect braking system – automatic – is equipped with brake linkage, brake cylinders, brake shoes, air tanks and parking brake.

It has 2 separate tamping units with 2 tools on each one, for a total of 4 tools. There are also 2 soundproofed cabins with air conditioning.

The computerized processing system performs data measurements and automatic programming of the work to be carried out.


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