Supply of all types of wheels for the railway sector. Adapting to the needs and requirements of the customer and the market, we supply from train and tram wheels, to wheels for track machinery, such as freight wagons and railway inspection trolleys.

In addition, thanks to the R & D department and the continuous technological development, ACYGS is able to offer competitive alternative solutions in terms of cost and performance.

Among the wheels that are supplied, it is worth to highlight the following: monobloc wheels, elastic wheels and low noise wheels, with diameters between 300mm and 1500mm.


Supply of all types of axles for the railway sector, adapting to the requirements and needs of the customer.

In 2012, a new axle machining line was introduced, greatly reducing production times and, therefore, offering shorter delivery times.

Depending on the customer’s needs, a special and registered coating can be provided. This coating protects the shaft against corrosion and damage from the impact of ballast.


Complete supply of wheelsets, including brake discs and axle-boxes.

Additionally, maintenance services are provided, among which we must highlight: wheel replacement, revision of axles, bearings, brake discs and the complete bogie.


Supply of all kinds of tires for the railway sector, always meeting the needs of our customers.