Universal Spring Test Bench


Springs need to be assessed periodically, monitoring their load capacity, elasticity and energy absorption.

These tests are performed by personnel responsible for the maintenance of tracks and rolling stock. The main aspect tested is the impact force borne by the springs and the resulting compression in relation to the height of the springs; in the case of laminated springs, the relation of the change in size when the force is applied and at rest.

Ulbrich Universal Spring Tester allows the operator carry out all the tests required by the regulations as well as controlling the force/distance curve.


  • A force/distance curve can be shown on the display
  • Programmable memory capable of saving multiple press cycles, multiple types of springs and other variables
  • It can record operator’s name, part number, contract number
  • All relevant process data presented on an accurate and easy to understand layout
  • Test results can be printed as Test Reports or even as labels
  • Network connectivity
  • It is possible to install a standard software for further interpretation and utilization of results upon request