Shock Absorber Test Bench


This test bench can test shock absorbers in different angles, thus adapting to all the types and always maintaining safety and functionality.

The procedure is very simple: the operator places the shock absorber in a fixed position, then thanks to a joystick, the upper contact surface is brought to the test position and it is attached to the shock absorber. Next, the operator closes the safety doors and select the test mode required for the specific type and objective of the shock absorber being assessed.

The machine places the shock absorber in the preprogrammed start position for the test, and after pushing the “Start Test” button the test begins, taking into consideration the number of predefined movements as well as the speed and force.

All the cycles of every test performed are represented by the computer on a curve with the following parameters: force, distance and speed. These values can also be printed.

The computer display shows, among other information:

  • Force/distance curve
  • Evaluation criterion
  • The current condition of the shock absorber compared to its required performance
  • Test result: OK or NOT OK