Coupler Test Bench


The coupler test bench consists of two main parts: the fixed part and the mobile part. The fixed part is a steel structure which is partially installed on the ground. This part also works as support of other parts of the machine, such as the circuit box or the hydraulic actuators.

The more important features that are worth highlighting are the great range of tests that can be performed to couplers, and that mounting and dismounting couplers is really easy.

The machine is anchored to the ground guaranteeing the necessary stability to carry out the required test to the couplers.

Once the couplers are placed on the adapter plate of the fixed part of the machine, they are connected to the electronic and pneumatic systems of the test bench. The head of the coupler moves towards the fixed part and, applying a force determined by the client, it is attempted to separate the head of the coupler.

Furthermore, this test bench is fitted with sensors that detect if the place is clear of personnel or objects to guarantee safety during operation.