Manual Wash Cabin For Bogies


These manual washing cabins for bogies, made of polypropylene or stainless steel AISI304, allow washing bogies and others workshop equipment manually. They are equipped with a steam extractor reducing the internal humidity and allowing the operator to work more comfortably.

In addition to the gate for equipment to be cleaned, the cabin has an entry for staff with a porthole to see if the cabin is in service, if there is any equipment inside or if any operator is doing maintenance.

The floor is non-slip concrete treated to be in contact with water and there is a drainage between the tracks. A pump is installed to push water out of the ditch.

The cabin is illuminated with a light suitable for humid environments and possible contact with water.

A high-pressure water machine (electric or diesel) can also be supplied to clean bogies or train components manually.


High energy efficiency.

Wide variety of sizes and able to adapt to any type of industrial application.

High quality in industrial processes.