Axle Horizontal Lathes

The axle horizontal lathe with numerical control is able to turn axles shaping them up to the desired limits.

It has a one-piece cast iron bed, thermally stabilized with chip evacuation outlet.

Four speed ranges with automatic tool shifting which allows working on the axle from the tool head. Lubrication is automatic, and it is located on the transversal car.

The maximum distance between point is 8 meters, and it is able to be adapted to different requirements.

The lathe spindle and its base are cast built with stiffening ribs. The movement on the lathe bed is monitored and has a compensation system for the thermal expansion of the piece.


It has great energy efficiency and high quality for industrial processes.

There are a wide range of sizes and it is able to adapt to any type of industrial use.

High quality in industrial processes.

The lathe has storage for tools for automatic shifting which makes it possible to reduce the working times.