Pit Lathe - Model 3112

Underfloor Lathes use the latest generation technology and is designed for turning (reprofiling) wheelsets with their corresponding grease boxes. This way, the wheels can be turned, without having to be disassembled from the axles.


The MODEL 3112 has been specifically designed to high speed trains, long-distance trains, suburban self-propelled units, freight trains and combinations of railway vehicles which maximum axle weights do not exceed 25 T.

Track width According to client needs
Rolling profiles (UIC or similar) According to client needs
Wheel Diameters 600 -1300 mm 800 – 1600 mm
Maximum load per wheel 122625 N
Weight of the machine 15 T
Sound level < 80 dB (A).
Horizontal axis speed 1500 mm/min
Vertical axis speed 600 mm/min
Machining speed 0 – 2,5 mm/rev
Cutting speed on wheels 20 – 140 m/min
Constant cutting speed in brake discs 50 m/min máx
Speed ​​of change of tie
Installed power approx 120 KVA
Radial tread oscillation < 0,05 mm
Difference of diameters in axis < 0,1 mm
Wheel rounding defect < 0,1 mm
Internal Wheel Face Warping < 0,2 mm
Surface quality Ra. < 6,3 µm
Surface quality on brake discs Ra. < 4,3 µm