Drive-Through Washing Tunnel


The washing tunnel is able to wash entire train compositions; it is designed with different washing programs, such as side wash only or full wash, including the flaps.

The tunnel is equipped with:

  • rinsing arches which apply water and detergent on the train
  • vertical brushes for side washing
  • curved brushes which fit to the car roof
  • rinse brushes
  • arches of water and wax
  • drying system

Part of the water used in the tunnels is recycled and part comes from the water supply, optimizing to the maximum the use of water and opting for recycled water, whenever possible.

It is possible to install blowing units for the lower part of the train. The dusty, sandy particles that are collected under the train are removed. The fans and suction nozzles the equipment is fitted with achieve a virtually complete elimination of these particles.

The aspirated air passes through self-cleaning filters that collect the dirt storing it in containers.