Hydraulic lifting machine SI300


Width: The machine is available with any type of width.
Load capacity: 30,000 kg (30 tons)
Total weight: 7.100 KG (7.1 Ton)
Approvals: The VAIA CAR SI-300A hydraulic lifting machine is constructed in accordance with current EU directives and is subject to EC verification tests (according to European safety directives).

Type: HATZ
Direct injection
Displacement: 2574 cc
No. of cylinders: 3 in line
Cooling system: air conditioning
Max Power: 38.8 kW (52.8 hp) at 3000 RPM
Nominal power: 35.9 kW (49 hp) at 3000 RPM
Specific consumption: 240 g / kWh at 2600 RPM
Max. torque: 155 Nm at 2000 RPM