Electric welding truck


Vaiacar’s bivial electric welding truck has been designed to meet any operational need in the railway sector, guaranteeing quality work both on the road and on the road. This truck is equipped with the latest generation “KUBE” welding head, capable of welding and loosening the rails at the same time. The truck has a monitor that allows you to check each phase of the welding process in real time.

Propulsion engine: DEUTZ, supercharger system with turbo compressor and intermediate refrigerator. Max. 365 KW (490 HP). Specific consumption: 188 gr. / kW Cooled by coolant.

Deposits (Capacities):
Fuel 600 liters
550 liter hydraulic oil
Compressed air 90 liters

Road height 3000 mm
Track height 3220 mm
Total length 7700 mm
Total width 2480 mm
Wheelbase (pneumatic wheels) 3900 mm
Wheelbase (railway wheels) 4650 mm
Tire diameter 1176 mm
500 mm rail wheels diameter

Speed ​​on the road in both directions 35 Km / h
Speed ​​on track in both directions 47 km / h