São Paulo Metro

Project Line 6 – Orange of the São Paulo Metro

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Pátio Morro Grande


São Paulo, Brazil


ACCIONA Construcción


Metro de São Paulo

Project Type

Railway Engineering

Starting Date


Metro Sao Paulo

Project Description

The project is part of the construction of the new line 6 (Orange) of the São Paulo Metro network, which will cover a distance of up to 15 km and link the existing São Joaquim Station to the Brasilândia district. The line will start its operation in 2025 with an expected traffic of 630.000 daily rides a day.

ACYGS, an engineering and consulting firm specialized in equipment of railway maintenance depots, is providing its technical engineering services to ACCIONA Construcción, the main partner of the concessionaire company responsible for the construction and subsequent operation and maintenance of the line.

Phase I (design) of the engineering process at the Pátio Morro Grande workshop was completed by ACYGS during 2021, who carried out a requirement analysis and produced a preliminary design of the layout, considering the needs of the concessionaire. Work is currently underway in Phase II, providing consultancy services for procurement, by drafting technical specifications of workshop equipment and analyzing the offers.