Lima and Callao Workshop - Perú

Bogie Frame Turner

Line 2 and the Line 4 Branch of the Lima and Callao Metro will be the first underground and fully automatic mass transportation in Peru.

This mega structure is the work of the central government together with a concessionary company with great experience in the field, which has built subway systems in Santiago de Chile, San Francisco, Thessaloniki, Naples and New York, tunnels and hundreds of stations throughout the world.

It is estimated that Line 2 and Line 4 of the Lima and Callao Metro will facilitate the transport of 660 thousand commuters a day, benefiting 2.5 million people over 35 kilometers and 10 districts: Ate, Santa Anita, The Agustino, San Luis, La Victoria, Cercado, Breña, Bellavista, Carmen de la Legua and El Callao.

ACYGS SALES MANAGEMENT S.L. has participated directly in this project supplying several machines such as:

Shock absorber test bench;
Bogie frame turner;
Coupling test bench;
Bogie annealing furnace;
Hollow shaft inspection equipment by ultrasound;
Motor balancing machine.

In addition to general Workshop, Storage and Cleaning equipment.