Thanks to its high quality and operation, the “Seventy” concrete plant has been awarded as the best machine in the category “Preparation and treatment of aggregates, RCD, cement and concrete” in the 12th edition of the Power Awards.

Concretes, soil-cement, mortars according to the UNI EN 206-1 standard

A revolutionary system to produce concrete.

We supply mobile concrete plants completely independent of traditional loading plants. The components are transported separately (aggregates, cement, water and chemical additives) and the mobile plant itself, measures out these components and mixes them according to the selected mixture.

This mixture is controlled 2,000 times per minute by electrical sensors.

The need for power and relative consumption of the engines is reduced by micro-dosing and continuous mixing the components at speed.



– Both slow (with cranes) and fast unloading are possible. They are very useful for works such as unloading far from the loading points, fractional unloading, constructions where it is impossible or not acceptable to install traditional loading plants. Always maintaining the highest quality and optimum safety.

Highest payload:

– This mobile plant is 50% lighter than a conventional concrete mixer.

– E – Series concrete mixers can transport up to 2.5 m3 of concrete more than a conventional concrete mixer.

> Loading simplicity:

– Using a traditional concrete plant.

– Or using:

  • For the aggregates: a loading shovel, backhoe, etc.
  • For the cement: silos with auger conveyor or pneumatic loading from the cistern.
  • For the water: a pump or a cistern.

– Optimizing the loading systems, the loading times can be cut down to 3 to 4 minutes.


– Variable speed: they can work even in movement at a speed of 5 to 70 m3 / h

> Operating costs:

– The fuel consumption is low, the E – Series plants require about 40 kW of the PTO of the truck engine when it is unloaded on site. During loading, transport or pauses phases, it does not use truck power.

– The low center of gravity and an optimal distribution of the weights allows the E – Series to reduce tire consumption.

– Maintenance, in general, is greatly reduced because the mechanics and hydraulics are used ten times less than in a conventional concrete mixer.

Management of stops:

E – Series, for its configuration, optimizes to the maximum the management of the necessary dead times of concrete mixers:

  • The queues at loading point in the morning are eliminated. The machines can be loaded from one day to the next.
  • They can transport aggregates as a rest trip.
  • Salt spreader for roads, etc.