ACYGS accomplishes the integrated management of railway workshops equipment.

ACYGS proposes the best equipment solutions for rail maintenance, being able to develop, manage and supply a complete workshop.

We adapt to our customers’ needs. Depending on what the client would demand, we can provide customers with single units, batches of equipment or even a complete workshop.

We collaborate with top-level manufacturers, with presence in all continents, which allows us to carry out projects on an international scale.

We are currently fully equipping the workshops of Line 3 of the Light Railway of Zapopan, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque, in Mexico, where we supply machinery and specialized maintenance equipment.

In addition, we are collaborating in other relevant projects such as Line 2 of the Lima and Callao Metro, in Peru, and the Haramain High Speed Line, which connects Medina with Mecca.

our projects

ACYGS proposes the best equipment solutions for railway maintenance, being able to develop, manage and supply a complete workshop on an international way with the possibility of supplying it anywhere in the world.


Projects in the world

Line 2 of Metro de Lima and Callao

Line 2 and the Line 4 Branch of the Lima and Callao Metro will be the first underground and fully automatic mass transportation in Peru(…)

Line 3 Light Rail of Guadalajara

To the consortium headed by ACYGS SALES MANAGEMENT S.L. was awarded the international public tender under the coverage of treaties of (…)

Glasgow Subway

The Glasgow subway, Scotland, will be updated with 17 new driverless trains. The operation of the new units is planned for 2020(…)

Salonica Workshop

The contract refers to the construction of the driverless metro in Thessaloniki, capital of the province of Macedonia and the second largest(…)

"Acygs proposes the best solutions in machinery for railway maintenance workshop"

Rail Machinery

Thanks to its high quality and operation, the “Seventy” concrete plant has been awarded in the 12th edition of the Power Awards.

Acygs offers a wide range of construction machinery, among which Bivial Backhoes or Track Profillers.

Workshop Equipment

Acygs has a wide variety of workshop equipment, having the ability to supply a complete rail maintenance workshop.


Spare parts


Supply of all types of wheels for the railway sector. Adapting to the needs and requirements of the customer and the market, we supply from train and tram wheels, to wheels for track machinery, such as freight wagons and railway inspection trolleys.

In addition, thanks to the R & D department and the continuous technological development, ACYGS is able to offer competitive alternative solutions in terms of cost and performance.



Supply of all types of axles for the railway sector, adapting to the requirements and needs of the customer.

In 2012, a new axle machining line was introduced, greatly reducing production times and, therefore, offering shorter delivery times.


Complete supply of wheelsets, including brake discs and axle-boxes.

Additionally, maintenance services are provided, among which we must highlight: wheel replacement, revision of axles, bearings, brake discs and the complete bogie.

solid tires

Supply of all kinds of tires for the railway sector, always meeting the needs of our customers.

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ACYGS SALES MANAGEMENT S.L. develops the management of all types of projects in the railway sector. We adapt our equipment to the needs of the client. Get in touch for more information.



ACYGS was created by professionals who have been in the railway sector for more than 25 years. Our company is specialized in both the equipment of workshops for rail and train maintenance, and in all the necessary machinery for the construction of railway tracks.

Since our inception we have had a strong international vocation, having presence, beside in Spain, in Italy and Algeria and collaborating with manufacturers of 6 different nationalities.


Our mission

We evolve accordingly to the market and together with our clients while adapting to their needs. We can advise our clients on the best solutions, not only in terms of equipment quality, but also in productivity. We search new ideas and new processes that allow our clients to maximize their resources.

We try to provide service to our clients wherever they need it. We have already developed projects in 10 different countries.

Our Manufacturers


ACYGS SALES MANAGEMENT S.L. Its main objective is customer satisfaction, offering quality services in its sector. In order to demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we have been accredited by AENOR with the following certifications:


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