These washing facilities are drive-through plants which allow whole train compositions to be washed. It is designed with different washing programs, from washing only on the sides to a thorough wash, including the fronts and backs.

The washing plan consists of:

  • Semi gantries that apply water and detergent to the train
  • Vertical brushes for side washing
  • Brushes to fit the car roof, shoulders, etc.
  • Rinsing brushes.
  • Water and wax rinsing semi gantries.
  • Drying system

It is possible to install blower units for the under frame parts. The sandy and dusty particles that accumulate under the train are removed. The fans and suction nozzles fitted on the equipment allow virtually complete removal of these particles.

The aspirated air passes through self-cleaning filters that collect the dirt by storing it in containers.

During the whole process the preference is to recycle the water whenever possible. Indeed, recycled water is used to optimize the use of water and reducing tap water consumption.

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