Press for Bogie Mounting/Dismounting


This bogie press is used for mounting, dismounting, and checking bogies of all types. It can be installed in pit or on standard industrial floor, depending on the customer’s needs.

Two hydraulic cylinders, consisting of load cells, are installed on the upper beam.


Each cylinder, independently of each other, to exert its own force on the bogie, is fitted with a plate, previously fixed, which under pressure rests on the lower part of the mentioned beam, thus obtaining the reaction support.

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Wheelset Press


We offer a wide range of wheelset presses, both single cylinder and double cylinder machines.

These units are able to mount and dismount wheels, brake discs and reduction gears from the axles.

The presses produce and print reports according to the following standards: EN 13260, UIC 813, GOST 11018-2000, AAR MSRP SECTION 6 and NF F01-126.


The single cylinder wheelset press is the most suitable system for low output purposes, for customers who want to achieve good results with high reliability and low maintenance.

The double cylinder wheelset press is the most suitable system for high output applications, for customers who want to get the best results in a short period of time.

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