Ultrasonic Rail Trolley


RWT is a new ultrasonic rail control trolley developed by Gilardoni. Based on the light and compact portable RDG series digital flaw detector, it performs semi-automatic tests of in-service rails.

With its user-friendly design, this ultrasonic rail trolley is excellent for tests of all types of rail. The trolley and its probes can be custom designed according to customer requirements and rail geometry.

The unit is a three parallel channel display with sensitivity probe adjustment and channel selection box. An auto centering wheel set with spring retainer attaches the trolley to the rail.

A large capacity tank with three-way liquid circuit ensures controlled emission of the coupling liquid during sessions. A custom designed contact probe set is provided for specific coupling conditions.

The telescopic removable stabilization bar makes the test as easy as simply pushing the trolley. This feature makes it possible to move the bar out of the way.

An acoustic alarm alerts the operator of flaws. The operator can then review and evaluate the information by increasing ultrasonic response and selecting the specific probe. The operator can also save the A-scan representation and store it, including notes, for a maximum of 100 memorized positions.


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