This test bench allows to carry out tests on shock absorbers at different angles, thus adapting to all types of shock absorbers, maintaining functionality and safety.

The process is simple: the operator places the damper on the bench and secures it. The operator then closes the safety gates and selects the test mode to be performed according to the purpose of the test and type of damper.

The machine places the damper in the pre-programed start position to carry out the test and, after pressing the “Test Start” button, the test begins, taking into consideration the number of displacements programed, as well as the predefined speed and force parameters.

All cycles and tests carried out are represented on the computer with the “force/displacement” curve, as well as the speed values. These result values can also be printed.


Among other information, the computer screen displays:

  • Force/Displacement curve.
  • The evaluation criterion (limit parameters).
  • The current condition of the damper in relation to the required performance.
  • Whether the damper is valid or not.

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