This is a rotary test bench for reduction gears, which can be used manually or automatically.

The machine is placed inside a soundproof cabin that is closed when the test is performed and insulates the sound, increasing the safety of the operator.

It is possible to include a vibration monitoring system that will be installed on the ground, consisting of a dual channel converter that analyzes the conditions of the bearing by sending pulses of 4 to 20 mA to the transducer, which are proportional to the absolute maximum value of the pulses measured on the bearing.

An additional solution to this vibration monitoring system is the Shock Pulse Method (SPM). This will measure the wave amplitude that grows if the surface of the bearing is under stress or damaged. It also varies with the speed of rotation, being able to do a complete examination of the condition of the bearing.

The reduction gear test bench is capable of carrying out tests in two different ways:

  • MANUALLY: In this mode the operator can use specific commands to choose the range of revolutions, direction of rotation, speed and maximum torque applied.
  • AUTOMATICALLY: In this mode the operator can select the test cycles that are recorded and stored in the system memory.

In both types, the system monitors the test, checking that all parameters are kept within allowable limits, triggering alarms if necessary. There are two types of alarms:

  • Warning: This indicates that some parameters have been exceeded.
  • Locking: It isolates the system if a specific parameter has been exceeded.

The values are displayed in real time and the results and graphs obtained can be saved, creating a historical data file.

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