This test bench allows technicians to perform specific tests on pantographs automatically, and in accordance with the international standard IEC EN 50206-1.

The test bench is automatic. The technician places the pantograph on the test station and identifies the pantograph and the device (connection, part number within a defined list of devices, serial number, and other specific test data).

The main features of the test bench are:

  • Computer-based test bench, with great functional flexibility and easy remote control for both maintenance and software installation.
  • Test report according to format agreed and approved by the customer.
  • Comprehensive test performed on a single device.
  • Optimized test process to reduce execution time and operator presence.
  • During the test, there are visual and audible signals for the status (stopped, in progress, awaiting operator intervention, running with a fault during the test).

The test report can be saved directly on the test bench or to an external data server.

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