The air conditioning test bench is both mechanically and electrically sturdy. All required tests can be performed by providing the required power supplies and conditioning two different air inlets.

The test bench consists of a sound-insulated thermostatic cabin divided into two chambers, where the air temperature is controlled and regulated. Different working conditions can be simulated by independently managing the external heating of the environment and the cabin.

The ability to exchange air between the two test chambers allows the air conditioning to be recirculated and therefore reduce the total energy consumption of the input supply line.

  • Bench power supply: 400V 60HZ 3P+N+PE
  • Input power approx.: 200 kVA
  • Bench thermal power approx.: 120 kW
  • HVAC feeding voltage: 480V 60Hz 3P
  • HVAC auxiliary voltage: 110V DC


  • Cabina termostática insonorizada.
  • Conductos de aire, ventilación y sistema de acondicionamiento.
  • Estructura mecánica con adaptadores para acomodar e interconectar el aire.
  • Armarios de alimentación, señales que contienen los accionamientos eléctricos y circuitos auxiliares.
  • Cuadro de interfaz de señal para conectar las sondas de medición.
  • Panel de control con sistema SCADA para comandar y monitorear la prueba.

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