The Coupler Test Bench consists of two main parts: The fixed part and the mobile part. The fixed part is a steel structure, which is partially mounted on the floor. It is also the structure that contains other parts of the machine such as the circuit box or the hydraulic actuators.

The great advantages of this unit is the wide variety of tests it can perform and the ease of fitting/removing the couplers without the need of disassembling them.

The machine is anchored to the ground providing the necessary stability to carry out the required tests.

Once the couplers are positioned over the adapter plate on the fixed part of the machine, they are connect to the electronic and pneumatic system on the test bench. Then the coupler head moves toward the fixed part and a force, determined by the customer, is applied to attempt to separate the tested coupler head.

In addition, for safety reasons, the test bench has sensors to ensure that no employee or object is present when the bench is in operation.

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