Blend’s concrete plant mounted on rail wagon is an innovation in the concrete sector which reduces waste. Its internal structure allows the raw materials to be kept in separate hoppers, mixing only what is needed, according to the recipe selected. This allows to obtain with the same load, different qualities of concrete which can be certified.

Production is done directly on site, and weighing of cement, aggregates, dosing of additives and water is controlled via a computer, ensuring product quality by reducing time and costs.

This mobile plant is simple and versatile and can be managed by a single operator. Blend mobile plants are available in a variety of dimensions and with a wide range of options to meet different production needs. This is a multifunctional plant that allows not only the production of concrete, but also cementitious mixtures, cold asphalt, and recycled concrete.

The plant transports the elements separately (aggregates, cement, water, and additives) and mixtures them in situ, measuring by weight and mixing them according to the recipe. The mixture has a high precision, with a tolerance of 1% to the recipe.

The plant has an automatic controller with data transmission and USB, as well as a remote control for plant management, with a range of up to 50 meters.


The plant stops manufacturing immediately after producing the indicated quantity and there is no need to add retardants for manufacturing as this is immediate. It produces at a maximum speed of 70 m³/h. A telescopic conveyor with a length of 3,000 to 4,500 mm, and an action radius of 155⁰ can be added.


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