The Bogie Turntables are used for turning bogies and similar units. They enable to change bogies of track routes within small spaces and in any angle and can connect multiple rail tracks.

Basically, the turntable consists of a solid lower frame and upper frame with a cover, which are connected by a center pin unit.

The upper frame is supported in the outer area by various travelling rollers bearings, which guarantees higher stability and carrying capacity upon crossing and turning.

There are two types of Bogie Turntables available, with electric motor for automatic turning or manual turning operation.


The turntables are equipped with a locking unit which centers and fixes the turntable in the required limit positions via a tipping sheet steel plate. The locking device needs released manually by the operator, before turning. At the locking wedge two screws and nuts are mounted, which enable a perfect adjustment of the wedge inside the recess.

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