The charging and discharging system consists of a stainless steel bench together with a station for charging alkaline and lead batteries for trains.

The battery charging and/or discharging is carried out placing the battery packs in an externally vented box.

For this type of batteries, it can be defined a range of 0 to 34 VDC and 0 to 60 A of current in charge mode, and 0 to 25 A in discharge mode. A microcontroller, equipped with a 5-inch touch screen, guides the charging and discharging operations.

The software can control the charging and discharging processes with the automatic cycle indicated in the battery specifications. All parameters, voltage, current and charging/discharging time are entered to customize the cycle. Any charging and/or discharging cycle can be defined by the user.

The battery charging and discharging system consists of:

  • A cabin with air extraction for the charging/discharging process.
  • A power generator installed in a stainless steel cabinet that powers the battery bench.

In discharge mode, the battery voltage is controlled so that it does not fall below the default values, and the supplied current is always monitored.

The machine is equipped with sensors that detect any abnormal gas inside the box. These sensors trigger an alarm that starts the ventilation to remove the gas through the piping of the machine.

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