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Railway Engineering

Engineering Services for Railway Depots

ACYGS offers tailored railway engineering services for its clients, adapting to the needs of their workshops and providing global solutions that build on its long experience in the maintenance of railways.

In the first phase of the project, we analyze the requirements that serve as the basis for designing the depot, optimizing the production flow to the maximum. Consequently, we support the client throughout the procurement phase, making extensive comparisons of offers and processing the purchasing orders to the suppliers, ensuring compliance with current regulations. The project management phase is the final one, which includes the documentation phase and support to the client during all the actions involved in the equipment supply.

Phases of a Railway Engineering Project

Design Phase

Requirements Analysis and Workshop Design

Based on the rolling stock to be maintained, the level of maintenance and, the tasks to be carried out in the workshop, a study of the drawings and lists of equipment received is conducted to see their suitability. Additionally, we propose those changes that would be considered appropriate for the defined tasks developed in the workshop. The workflows and components will be optimized for the depot.

Within the scope of this phase are the following jobs:

  • Depot equipment evaluation. Depending on the train maintenance plan and the list of tasks to be carried out, we evaluate the equipment, tools and facilities required to meet the project needs.
  • Equipment analysis and description of basic project requirements (conceptual design).
  • Drafting of the required technical specifications for subsequent use in the procurement phase.
  • Designing the layout, considering the optimization of the workflows and the equipment finally defined. The workshop flows are studied and the best solution in terms of productivity is proposed. Consequently, 3D designs are developed using BIM methodology.
  • Improvement of maintenance processes. Depending on the tasks to be performed, the location of the different areas of work and the facilities, the maintenance processes are analyzed for optimization.

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