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ACYGS is the exclusive distributor in Spain of BLEND PLANTS.

BLEND PLANTS, founded in 1983, is an innovative company in the field of mobile plants for concrete, gravel, cement and cold asphalt, offering instruments to improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of the work of the clients.

BLEND PLANTS are versatile and can be used as standard concrete plants as well as in any work circumstance, since the materials are transported in separate hoppers and the different percentages of material required at the time of unloading can be set depending on the customer’s needs.

Blend Plants have adapted their equipment to the railway sector, offering concrete plants in wagons, forming a concrete train that optimizes the service in tunnels and roads.

Concrete Plant for Railway

ACYGS is the authorised distributor in Spain of BLEND, a worldwide leading company for more than 35 years in automatic mobile plants for the production of concrete, cement, and cold asphalt. The concrete mobile mixing plant ‘SEVENTY’, was awarded the first price in the 12th edition of the “Premios Potencia”, in the category of preparation and treatment of aggregates, RCA, cement and concrete.